About Me

Welcome everyone!

I am super excited to introduce my homepage (and myself) to you.

My homepage is for everyone who never gets tired of exploring the world. It doesn’t matter if you are just curious how it looks like somewhere else in the world or if you are hunting for inspiration for your own journey. Have fun on the journey of exploring „The Art of Travelling“ in 360° panoramas, photos and travel stories that bring the world closer to you.

360° photography is a very new and entirely different experience. Each panorama is a very unique and artistic way to bring a location anywhere in the world to your screen. With my photographies I’m mostly trying to capture the atmosphere of a place – by light, colours and composition – or draw the attention to special details that are characteristic for a spot.

The world is a magical place!

My name is Jess. I started my career as a digital artist creating computer generated images (CGI) for movies. Luckily this enables me to handle all the different software which is necessary to create high quality 360° panoramas and photography. So much for the technical side. Besides and first of all I am a passionate traveler. There is no country in the world I wouldn’t love to visit. And here comes the problem and if you feel like I do, you might have the same:

Due to budget and lifetime limitations I won’t be able to go everywhere I would like to. And this is where „The Art of Travelling“ comes into play. The panoramas, the photos and the little stories are our chance to get a glimpse at places we may never visit or they may help us to decide where we definitely need to go!

If you have any questions concerning either the locations shown in panoramas or photos or ideas of how to improve my homepage for you or anything else please don’t hesitate to write me a message! I’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible.


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